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“EN ROI” is a fully renovated new dance school offering services of high European standards.

enroi studio
enroi reception

Our aim is the dancing, musical and aesthetic culture of our students, the qualitative educational approach and the share of love for the Art of dance as well as Art in general.

The school has comfortable and functional spaces properly soundproofed, with acoustics. It is recognized by the Ministry of Culture, accredited by UNESCO, serves as an examination center of the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD), the Spanish Dance School (SDS), the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD) and the Contemporary Dance Association (CDA). Niki Tiganitaki -BPHIL (HONS), LISTD, AISTD, RADDT and ISTD tutor- is the director of the dance school.

Dance studies in our school prepare children at the age of 3 to build a strong personality with high aesthetic criteria. For this reason, we cooperate with internationally recognized educational institutions which grant study certificates after exams, giving the chance of entering with some priority academic institutions in foreign countries.


Baby Ballet
(3½ – 4½ years)

In the age of 3.5 to 4.5 years, children are taught creative dance that prepares them to be part of the ballet class.

Royal Academy of Dance sets the basis for classical dance at international level and plays a leading role in dance education.

The adult class is designed for adult students aged 18 years or over who are willing to learn ballet for their own rejuvenation.

Modern dance is a rhythmic dance style originated in the U.S.A. before travelling to the rest of the world. Modern dance ISTD

The examinations of the Contemporary Dance Association are being taught in “En Roi” dance school concerning children, teenagers and adults.

The physical execution of the dance can be taught through the years, but the most important fact is the passion and the commitment of the dancer.

Musical Theatre Jazz Dance is the type of Jazz Dance used in Musical Theatre (Musicals) performances. All choreography for Musical Theatre requires a strong dance technique to give a slick, clean performance.

Pilates is a system of muscle toning and exercising developed in the early 20th century by the German Joseph Pilates.

A very special and artistic floor class not only suitable for dancers and dance teachers, but also for anyone who wants to exercise, explore and get to know his personal expressive and physical capabilities.

A specialized class that contributes to the holistic personality development of children, with the help of specific techniques and lots of love.